Registering a new .AC.UK or .GOV.UK domain name?  Please contact_us.
We can register a new .AC.UK or .GOV.UK domain for you as we are a Janet approved Registrar. 
All the necessary documentation is completed by us ensuring your new domain is registered in good time.  You can trust us as we have well over a decade of experience in registering new and domain names.  For details see our registering a new domain name, or registering a new domain name (for further details see GOVhost.UK).
Transferring a .AC.UK or .GOV.UK domain?
.AC.UK and .GOV.UK domain transfers - we can handle the transfer for you and provide reliable easy-to-use DNS hosting too.
Free DNS hosting for and domains is always included when you transfer to us.  We manage the transfer process for you, all you need to do is email/fax a document (we provide all the required details) to confirm the transfer.  With over 10 years experience in transferring and domain names you know you can trust us.
Find out more on how to transfer domain names or to transfer domain names (for more details see

A small selection of our
PUBLIC sector clients
.GOV.UK DNS hosting, new domains, and free tranfers in domains
Government - domains and hosting

A selection of Government clients:

A small selection of our
PUBLIC sector clients

.AC.UK new domain registrations, and free tranfers in domains

A selection of Academic clients:

Academic - domains and hosting

full DNS management is provided AC.UK WHOIS and DNS lookup and for .GOV.UK domains


Client comments:
"I have just transferred the registration of an domain to Seiretto. I cannot fault the service..."
June 2015.

"As the first level of local government in our town it was vital that our site had no down time... ...As a council we cannot fault the service we received. We would also recommend to any other council wanting advice."
November 2014.

A selection of client comments posted on TrustPilot review website.
Windows and Linux business web hosting - reseller and sole business accounts

Reseller hosting you can depend upon, and solid functional business web hosting.

reseller web hosting
All hosted in the UK
business web hosting
All website hosting accounts and servers are:

✔ supported by UK based personnel
✔ hosted here in the UK

This means you benefit from:

✔ improved country specific Google listings and
✔ fast support responses and
✔ relevant & knowledgeable support staff

✔ we are a well established company: est.1996
✔ we host well known large organisations, see our list of recent clients
✔ and a reliable, stable and growing company

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