SSL Certificates

What is an SSL?
SSL (secure socket layer) is a security layer, a protocol which encrypts data sent to and from your website to a browser over The Internet (public network).  You most likely have used them many times while making payments online or logging into your bank for example.

Why have an SSL?
In addition to securing payment/personal/business data, now Google has stated it prefers websites which have their own SSL (this was in our newsletter Sept 2014:  It means you can use the certification to boost your Google ranking.  In the future it is possible that only websites using an SSL will be listed in the Google index.  So to get, and stay, listed in Google's primary index you should have an SSL on your website.  They are not expensive, we will price match any other real UK seller (we will be here for you once you have made your purchase unlike some foreign companies), contact us for details.

EV-SSL price promise:  we will match like-for-like from any UK retailer.

The main types of SSL:
Domain Validation certificates SSLSSL via Cloudflare - offers more than just SSL protection, also helps block malicious attacks.

This type of SSL certificate is becoming far more commonly used.

Domain Validation certificates SSLDomain Validation certificates (Domain SSL)
basic security level, validated via email

This type of SSL certificate is the most widely used on the Internet today.

Wildcard-SSL-CertificatesWildcard certificates (wildcard SSL)
secure unlimited subdomains on a single ip address

Used where security to several subdomains on a single domain name is required.

Extended Validation certificates (EV SSL)
highest level of security and trust, displays the green address bar

Organisations will use this type of SSL.  This type of certificate is only issued to companies who have fully validated their company, address and contact details.

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