EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL (Extended Validation SSL certificates)
highest security level, paperwork required, validated via multiple methods


SSL https secureThis is the highest SSL an organisation can use to protect, authenticate and add trust to their website; adds assurance and recognition that your company is serious about security.

Each SSL requires its own dedicated ip address.  If you host with us we can provide the ip address and install your new certificate for you.  If you host elsewhere then you must arrange with your own web host to provide a dedicated ip address and install the SSL when purchasing the SSL from us.

These certificates can be validated and ready to use within a few days of purchase following successful completion of the required paperwork and validation of company details and contract details.

EV-SSL price promise:  we will match like-for-like from any UK retailer.
Please contact us for the most competitive price.

For prices and further details please contact us.

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